Welcome to the Nonprofit, Social Justice, and Education interest community!

Members of this community are interested in careers that support, teach, advocate for diverse populations including members of underrepresented communities, young adults, and children. People who pursue careers in nonprofits, social justice, and education collaborate well with diverse groups, are adaptable, and have outstanding communication skills. Examples of career pathways include (but are not limited to): Early childhood and K-12 educator, counselor, volunteer coordinator, victim advocate, academic adviser, community organizer, and fundraising manager.

Development, Fundraising, and Marketing | What’s the Difference?


If you’ve spent any length of time in the nonprofit world, you’ve almost certainly heard the terms “development,” “fundraising,” and “marketing.” You probably know each job has to do with raising money and awareness. But while some people use the …

By Amy Bergen - Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers
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Turning a cause you care about into a career

cause you care

As a student, it can be difficult to see the connections between the causes you care about or places you volunteer and your career path. You may have heard people tell you that your social justice work isn’t a real …

By Caitlin Goldbaum
Caitlin Goldbaum Career Coach Caitlin Goldbaum
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Career Conversation – One Journey in the Policy, Government, and Non-Profit Fields

Career Conversation

Who is our interviewee?

Rich Williams is an Officer for Pew’s Project on Student Borrower Success where he specializes in evidence-based research and policy development aimed at reducing the number of student loan borrowers that are delinquent or in default …

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“Ask an Alum” American Ethnic Studies Major to Collegiate Prep Principal

Ask An Alum for U Connect

Tracie Sanlin graduated from University of Washington- Seattle in 2007 with a degree in American Ethnic Studies. While at UW, Tracie was a proud sister of Lambda Theta Alpha, a house band member of R.E.T.R.O. poets, played with the University …

By Izzy Wroblewski
Izzy Wroblewski Profile Picture
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Northwest Conference on Teaching for Social Justice

NW conference

Interested in learning about the intersection of public education and social justice? Check out the Northwest Conference on Teaching for Social Justice in Seattle!

This conference is dedicated to sustaining and strengthening public education through social justice teaching and education …

By Caitlin Goldbaum
Caitlin Goldbaum Career Coach Caitlin Goldbaum
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