The Job of Your Dreams is Just Around the Corner

I was so afraid to graduate and start looking for jobs my senior year – that’s why I started looking and sending my resume out to employers a quarter or two before I left. The more I looked, the more insider information I got in on, and the more curated job sites I found for bilinguals, which led me to my current position.

Just because you haven’t found your dream job yet doesn’t mean it can’t exist. Keep trying and use each interview as experience toward the next. I never could have imagined I’d be cooking at a Japanese immersion preschool, but I’m so glad that I am! There are opportunities in this world that are meant for you. Get out there and find them.


Academics – Japanese, Asian Languages & Cultures, Class of 2023
Interests – Non-Profit/Social Justice/Education
Identities – he/him, Student with a Disability, LGBTQ+ Student, Transfer Student