United Nations Representatives Visit the Career & Internship Center

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Two representatives from the United Nations – Ceylan Cizmeli and Yuichi Takamatsu – visited the Career and Internship Center late last week for an information session, in which they explained the complexities, challenges, and ever-changing nature of their work, suggested …

By Eli Heller
Eli Heller Career Coach Eli Heller
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How working as a research technician can bolster your scientific career

Nature mag

Many students engage in undergraduate research during their time at UW, as a great way to explore careers in research and build relationships with their professors. 

Even when they decide that a career in research is not what they are …

By Dan Poux
Dan Poux Career Coach Dan Poux
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Building an Esports Platform with Grant Farwell (Shared Podcast from Folk Stories)

matcherino log

This is an article shared from the podcast Folk Stories run by Kevin Lin  ; all the information was created and sourced from Folk Stories   

Grant Farwell is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Matcherino, an esports platform that helps game publishers …

By CJ Sanchez
CJ Sanchez Career Coach CJ Sanchez
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Risk Management 101

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Risk Management is the process through which companies and organizations predict, assess, and reduce the possibility of a negative event occurring when a major decision is made. Risk managers aim to minimize any negative impact on a company’s assets, profits, …

By Eli Heller
Eli Heller Career Coach Eli Heller
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