Internship Corner – Create Your Own Internship

Creating Internships

Having a hard time finding an internship that excites you, feels like a good fit, or seems appropriate for your class level or major?  Consider trying to create your own internship!  Employers without structured internship programs (most often smaller companies …

By Briana Randall
Briana Randall Director, Internship Project
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Job search advice + working with staffing agencies


During the job seeking process, we have always wondered what the best way to find a good, well-paid and full-of-benefits job is.

While we are at it, we will find tons of staffing agencies, thousands of job boards, millions of …

By Vanessa Romero
Vanessa Romero Country Manager
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Entertainment, sports & lifestyle opportunities in HuskyJobs – February

Entertainment, sports & lifestyle opportunities in HuskyJobs – February thumbnail image

Are you interested in career opportunities within the Entertainment, Sports & Lifestyle industries?
Let HuskyJobs be your industry connection, with new Internships and Jobs added every day.
Check out these amazing opportunities and more available now on HuskyJobs – just click …

By Kristen Decker
Kristen Decker HuskyJobs Manager
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Five steps for interview success

5 steps

“Tell me about a time you had to deal with uncertainty.”

Interview season is upon us, and behavior-based interview questions like this are a staple. Hopefully you are using the STAR method (explaining clearly the Situation, Task, Actions, and Results) …

By Chris Armstrong
Chris Armstrong Internship Coordinator
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