Internship Corner – How to Find Internships

Finding Internships

If “do an internship” is one of your goals for 2017 but you need a little nudge to get moving, we’ve got you covered! Join us TODAY (1/17) at 3:30 for our new Finding Internships workshop to explore tangible strategies …

By Briana Randall
Briana Randall Director, Internship Project
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Want to be an Amazon recruiter?

Amazon TADP

If you’re interested in recruiting and working with Amazon, then be sure to attend their Talent Acquisition Development Program (TADP) information session. Amazon recruiting staff will discuss potential careers in association with an American Marketing Association meeting. The Amazon Web Services VP …

By Tina Adelstein
Tina Adelstein Career Counselor
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What is a Fashion Buyer?

fashion womans.

If you’ve always been interested in fashion and are thinking of pursuing a career in the fashion industry, you may be wondering what type of role would be a good fit for you. For example, if you’re more passionate about …

By WayUp Guide
WayUp Guide
The inside look into jump-starting your career
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Peer advice: tips to land an internship

This quarter, I start my third internship since becoming a UW student in Autumn 2014. I found all of these internships through UW. The first was at the Internship Fair my freshman year; the second, through HuskyJobs; and the third, …

By Caroline Engle
Caroline Engle Outreach and Intake Intern
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