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Welcome to the Physical & Life Sciences interest community!

Members of this community are interested in careers related to the study of non-living systems such as the earth, atmosphere and space or living organisms such as people, animals, and plants.

People who pursue careers in Physical or Life Sciences often work in research roles, which can vary widely in terms of topic, goals, and work setting.

Inspiring profile of 2024 Biochemistry graduate whose research has led to groundbreaking scientific developments

Following her curiosity to the University of Washington, Abby Burtner, ’24, secured her first research opportunity in Professor Sharlene Santana’s evolutionary biology lab through the Office of Undergraduate Research. There she worked with postdoc Chris Law examining the macroevolution of …

By Kirk Heynen (He/Him)
Kirk Heynen (He/Him) Career Coach
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Apply to be an American Physics Society student ambassador

Be the voice for physics by building an inclusive community at your university.

The American Physics Society is a professional organization whose mission is to advance physics by fostering a vibrant, inclusive, and global community dedicated to science and society.

By Kirk Heynen (He/Him)
Kirk Heynen (He/Him) Career Coach
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Top 10 Jobs for Biology Majors

Biology is the study of living things. Given the sheer number of living organisms on the planet, there are a lot of jobs for biology majors across a plethora of sectors. Some biology majors become researchers and run labs, while …

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5 High-Paying Careers in Physics

Physics is an area of study in which practitioners employ a variety of methods in order to better understand the world we live in, as well as the entirety of the Universe at large. The demand for roles in physics …

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Husky Lunch Network – Connecting Students & Alumni With Similar Identities

Bring your appetite for connection (and food) to these free themed lunches! Hosted by the UW Alumni Association.

Feb. 1: Women of Color in STEM
Feb. 8: Men of Color in Entrepreneurship
Feb. 15: Navigating Life as Student Parent
Feb. …

By Briana Randall (She/Her)
Briana Randall (She/Her) Executive Director
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Student Stories & Advice

Luis Chan

Student Stories & Advice
  • M.S. Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Yale University
Meet Luis >

Ewan Lister

Student Stories & Advice
  • Masters of Applied Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering The University of Waterloo
Meet Ewan >

Henry Su

Student Stories & Advice
  • Ph.D in Physics University of Massachusetts Amherst
Meet Henry >

Kaitlin Beel

Student Stories & Advice
  • MPaT (Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics) University of Minnesota
Meet Kaitlin >

Flora Walchenbach

Student Stories & Advice
  • Atmospheric Science University of Wisconsin - Madison
Meet Flora >

Elizabeth Gilson

Student Stories & Advice
  • Master of Molecular Science and Software Engineering University of California, Berkeley
Meet Elizabeth >

Jenny Jiang

Student Stories & Advice
  • Ph. D in Biomedical Science University of Iowa
Meet Jenny >

Molly Stephenson

Student Stories & Advice
  • Research Scientist Assistant University of Washington Department of Microbiology
Meet Molly >

Matthew Prado

Student Stories & Advice
  • Wind Tunnel Model Stress Engineer Boeing
Meet Matthew >

Grace Grotz

Student Stories & Advice
  • Surgical Veterinary Assistant Ballard Animal Hospital
Meet Grace >

Mahika Rao

Student Stories & Advice
  • Biology Technician National Park Service
Meet Mahika >

Navera Ahmed

Student Stories & Advice
  • Project Manager I King County Solid Waste Division
Meet Navera >

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