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Physical & Life Sciences

Welcome to the Physical & Life Sciences interest community!

Members of this community are interested in careers related to the study of non-living systems such as the earth, atmosphere and space or living organisms such as people, animals, and plants.

People who pursue careers in Physical or Life Sciences often work in research roles, which can vary widely in terms of topic, goals, and work setting.

Forage Roundtable: Overcoming Anxiety and Imposter Syndrome

Students and young professionals face a great deal of anxiety when it comes to choosing a career path. “What do you want to be?” and “What do you want to do after you graduate?” are questions that plague the typical …

By Anna Tomka - Forage
Showcase your skills. Find your career fit.
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Public Health (& other life science) Fellowships & Training Opportunities

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers a vatiety of fellowships for individuals who have, or soon will have, degrees at the Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral levels. These programs can help jump-start a career in protecing the public’s …

By Lily Burnstein (She/Her)
Lily Burnstein (She/Her)
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NVIDIA Free Online Conference (3/20-3/23) — REGISTER NOW!

When: March 20 – March 23
Who: Students, educators, researchers, developers, creators, industry leaders
Why: Learn how to reshape our world with the power of AI, accelerated computing, data science, scientific discovery, and more.
How: Register

Featured …

By Erin Lee (She/Her)
Erin Lee (She/Her) Career Coach
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10 Ways to Use ChatGPT to Land a Great Job

Do you hate writing cover letters?

Or coming up with the perfect resume bullet?

Or just figuring out what to do with your life???

Good news: ChatGPT is here to help!

And while it can’t find you a job completely …

By Jeremy Schifeling - Break Into Tech
Break Into Tech
Get more tech tips at breakinto.tech
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Spring 2023: Epidemiology 201 – Outbreak course available for registration

The course EPI 201: OUTBREAK is an undergraduate course great for those pursuing public health, any pre-health track, or simply are interested in learning more about all things disease outbreaks. See image below for all registration info.

By Lily Burnstein (She/Her)
Lily Burnstein (She/Her)
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Student Stories & Advice

Charlie D

Student Stories & Advice
  • Staff Geologist Georesources, LLC

Claire Wate

Student Stories & Advice
  • Postbac Researcher ORISE Fellowship

Brett Emery

Student Stories & Advice
  • Mechanical Engineering University of Washington

Katie Firestone

Student Stories & Advice
  • Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator University of California, San Francisco

Lauren Burgess

Student Stories & Advice
  • Research Associate Phase Genomics

Paul Leanza

Student Stories & Advice
  • Research Scientist / Bioengineer University of Washington

Casey C

Student Stories & Advice
  • PhD Student - Chemistry University of California, Berkeley

Annette Mercedes

Student Stories & Advice
  • Grad Student - Infectious Diseases & Vaccinology University of California, Berkeley

Abi Elerding

Student Stories & Advice
  • Pharmacology PhD Student University of Washington

Jessica Boar

Student Stories & Advice
  • Manufacturing Associate; Purification Just Evotec Biologics

Lukas M

Student Stories & Advice
  • Technical Associate McGovern Institute for Brain Research

Eva B

Student Stories & Advice
  • Veterinary Assistant Seattle Veterinary Associates

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