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Tell Your Story (LinkedIn, resumes, cover letters, interviews)

Articulating one’s skills and experience in a clear, concise, and compelling way is a critical part of any application process.  Most of us, however, are not naturally skilled at doing so.  The resources on the following pages provide concrete advice for marketing yourself to potential employers.  If you’d like someone to assist you, connect with our coaches via online resume review, drop-in coaching, scheduled appointments, or mock interviews.


Featured Resources

Interview Prep Tool
UW Backgrounds for Virtual Interviews

Looking for a suitable background image as you prepare for your next virtual interview or video meeting with a potential …

Video – Learning LinkedIn

Click here to view a 90 minute course, updated in September 2020, containing tips for creating a complete and compelling …

Comprehensive Resume Course

Writing a Resume is a comprehensive course (2.5 hours) that covers a wide range of styles, scenarios, and tips.

Two Cover Letter Courses

Writing a Cover Letter (21 minutes) and Align Mission & Values (3.5 minutes) provide great insights and tips.

Two Interview Courses

Acing Your Interview (38 minutes) and Mastering Common Interview Questions (56 minutes) provide great insights and tips.


UW is pleased to offer StandOut, a mock video interviewing platform, to help improve your interviewing skills. Visit https://uw.standout.com to …