As a transfer student, you bring a unique combination of skills and strengths to the University of Washington. At the Career and Internship Center, we value the multitude of perspectives and stories that transfer students bring to our campus. Your experiences add great value to our university and community and we want to help you reflect on how your unique experiences and skills can benefit future employers. 

Transfer students arrive at UW with a wealth of experience and skills. Many transfer students balance their coursework with part- or full-time employment and taking care of family, and they’ve honed their skills in time management and effective study strategies. Career coaches can lead students through a reflection on what transferrable skills they’ve gained from previous experiences, and how to connect those to the skills employers are looking for. 

Transfer students also face unique challenges upon their arrival to UW. While they have already completed some portion of their college journey, they have less time at UW to complete their degree requirements, and need to be even more intentional and strategic about taking advantage of career services early.

Making a successful transition to UW is up to you, and our career coaches are here to help you leverage the skills you already have to take your professional development to the next level. 

Here are a couple of key UW resources to check out:

  • The Commuter and Transfer Commons (CTC) is located in the Husky Union Building, room 141 and is a dedicated space for commuter and transfer students. Resources available include day-use lockers, kitchenette, microwave, changing room, lactation station, rentable laptops and phone chargers, and printing station
  • You’re a Husky Now – plan for academic success, grow your community at the UW, and give back to the transfer student community