Our in-person hours are 9:00-5:00.  We are providing robust virtual resources and services as well, including appointments before 9:00am.

LGBTQ+ Students

Here at the University of Washington Career and Internship Center work hard to support students from all backgrounds including those that come to the University of Washington that have lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, Polyamorous, Pansexual, Intersex, Aromantic, Asexual, 2 Spirit (or other native and indiginous informed identity), and or many identity intersections that you may come to us with. 

While there are many laws that prohibit discrimination based on gender or sexuality, there are still many questions and concerns that the UW community may have when navigating the job search. Questions like “will I be supported as a transgender or non binary person within this company?” or “will I be able to speak outwardly about my partner/s and family at my workplace?” 

The Career and Internship Center will be a place where you can navigate these questions as well as find resources that you can utilize when entering the workforce and bringing your full self during your time here and when you leave the University. 

Check Out Some Great Events with Lime!

Lime Connect would like to invite your students, staff, and alumni to attend our upcoming virtual events! Please see below for more information on (3) upcoming webinars and panel discussions. We welcome each of you to attend, and to share these opportunities with any …

By CJ Sanchez (He/Him)
CJ Sanchez (He/Him) Career Coach CJ Sanchez (He/Him)
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Business Career Fair on Oct. 14th – Learn about Employer’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

During the employer registration process for the Business Career Fair, we gave employers the opportunity to share a webpage describing their organization’s efforts in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We then created a resource compiling employers’ commitments for …

By Brittany Morgan (She/Her)
Brittany Morgan (She/Her) Brittany Morgan (She/Her)
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Reframing Authenticity (Shared Article from NACE)

By Lyn Leis

I’m saying “No, thank you” to the idea of bringing your authentic self to work. I’m over it.

In May, I shared some thoughts about what our current wave of diversity hiring looks like, and the recent …

By Meaghan Wood (She/Her)
Meaghan Wood (She/Her) Career Coach Meaghan Wood (She/Her)
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Check out Queer Women of ESports

To find Queer Women of ESports you can follow this link. 

Starting with the eternal quest for the Arcade leaderboard, competitive video gaming has witnessed exponential growth culminating in the current day billion-dollar …

By CJ Sanchez (He/Him)
CJ Sanchez (He/Him) Career Coach CJ Sanchez (He/Him)
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A Moment of Radical Possibility for LGBTQ+ Employees (Shared Article Written by Dr. Cindi Love, Executive Director of Out for Undergrad)

This is a shared article written by Dr. Cindi Love, the Executive Director of Out for Undergrad. For the Original Article Click here.

We are living in a moment of radical possibility for positive transformation in the daily work lives …

By CJ Sanchez (He/Him)
CJ Sanchez (He/Him) Career Coach CJ Sanchez (He/Him)
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Student Stories & Advice

Eva B

Student Stories & Advice
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  • Grants/Contracts Operations Analyst Idaho State Dept. of Agriculture

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