Give Yourself Grace

As a neurodivergent student, I struggled in previous colleges and throughout high school. It took me a while to realize what I needed, which was lots of breaks and to be way easier on myself. Before coming to UW, I was drowning in my coursework and was not getting the grades or the knowledge I wanted. When I came to UW. I had an amazing turnaround, getting Dean’s List for every quarter I was here. Here’s what I learned from my experiences: give yourself a chance, give yourself some grace, and take as many breaks as you need.


Academics – Disability Studies, Class of 2023
Interests – Non-Profit/Social Justice/Education
Identities – she/her, they/them, Student with a Disability, LGBTQ+ Student

Work Experience
  • School of Psychology
  • Eastern Washington University
Graduate School, LGBTQ+ Students, Non-Profit / Social Justice / Education, Students with Disabilities