Professional Headshots

Looking for a new professional headshot? Want to refresh your LinkedIn, Handshake, or HuskyLanding Profile? Stop by the UW Career & Internship Center in MGH 134 and use the Iris Air Booth for your next professional photo!

  • Available to UW students, alumni, staff, and faculty.
  • Operating Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm by drop-in in MGH 134. Please note that only one person may use the booth at a time so a wait time may exist as this service operates on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • At the end of a session users will receive 3 photos, delivered instantly by email.
  • There is no limit to the number of times someone can use this service.
  • This is an established, permanent, self-serve service.
  • Check out our Instagram Reel to see the booth in action!

Questions? Check out our FAQs below or email

The service is funded by the Student Technology Fee.

Can I make an appointment or reserve a specific time?

  • At the moment, this service operates using a self-serve model and does not allow an appointment to be made prior. However, based on student feedback and usage of the service, our staff may reconsider appointment scheduling and assess the matter appropriately. 

Can I make a group reservation on behalf of an RSO, class, Greek Organization, student athletic team, or professional or academic society?

  • We ask that interested groups encourage their UW student members to visit our office individually and at their leisure to have their professional photo taken using the Iris Booth. This is to ensure a wide range of availability to the service and mitigate the possibility of long queues.

How should I come dressed?

  • We encourage folks to dress in what makes them feel comfortable and confident! We recommend taking a look at other headshots online for inspiration and consider your own personal style and preferences.

Is there a fee or cost to take a headshot?

  • No. There is no fee or cost to use the Iris Booth or have access to your photos as funding for this services is provided by the Student Technology Fee.

Can I use the Iris Booth to take passport photos?

  • Though the Iris Booth takes quality photographs, the Career & Internship Center and the booth do not have the capabilities to format or print photos for any specific passport requirements or applications. Therefore, our office does not recommend use of the Iris Booth for passport photos as we cannot guarantee that photos will meet any required specifications.
  • We highly encourage users visit a local photo or printing center near the UW-Seattle campus for any passport photo services.

Is this service available over Summer Quarter or other breaks?

  • Our office operates with regular business hours, Mon-Fri, over the summer from 9am-5pm, during which the Iris booth and headshot services is available to users. However, during summer and other breaks, there may be office closures or limited hours and as such to stay up to date with our office hours and any closures, we highly recommend checking out the yellow banner located at the very top of our website. This banner will display any notable notices regarding our hours.

We also feature three different backdrops options. Try one or all three!