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Find Purpose

Some students come to college knowing exactly what they want to do and never waver.  Others have virtually no idea what they want to do because everything (or nothing!) seems to interest them.  Many have an initial plan in mind but decide they want to look around and explore other options as they move through college.

All of these scenarios are normal!

Our hope is that all Huskies figure out a path that aligns with their interests, values, and talents.  PathwayU is a great place to start.  Take 4 assessments to gain insights on your interests, values, personality, and workplace preferences.  Then, explore UW majors, career paths, and internships that align with your unique gifts and purpose.   All in one platform!


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Explore occupations by career categories and pathways and use real time labor market data to power your decision making.

First, choose an industry of interest, then filter for occupation. (If you'd like to see data for a specific location only, filter by state.)

Type in a keyword to select a relevant occupation. (If you'd like to see data for a specific location only, filter by state.)

Featured Classes

Career Exploration & Planning (Gen St 297)

Career & Internship Center
Students will: Understand how personal characteristics, e.g., interests, values, and skills influence career development Identify appropriate academic major, occupational, and/or…

Pre-Health 101 – Introduction to Careers in the Health Professions (Gen St 297)

Career & Internship Center
Students will: Effectively access general & departmental advising & career coaching as they navigate the UW; Prepare for healthcare profession…

Industry Mentorship Program (Gen St 349)

Career & Internship Center
Students will: participate in small group mentoring sessions (4-6 students per mentor); gain insight and guidance about a particular industry;…

Find Purpose

Short videos (3 mins) and courses (24-57 mins) on finding purpose and developing a career plan.  Click here to view the…

Featured Resources


Discover your purpose and connect it to college and careers.  Take assessments to gain insights into your interests, values, personality, …


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UW Alumni Career Outcomes

The information below is based on data collected from Huskies starting just prior to graduation up until 7 months following graduation.  Also known as Next Destination, the data provide a snapshot of UW-Seattle undergraduates’ success following degree completion.  This information is collected by the Career & Internship Center, the Office of Educational Assessment and various academic units in accordance with national standards.  The response rate was 25% for the class of 2018, 51% for the class of 2019, 47% for the class of 2020, and 41% for the class of 2021.  Response rates vary among colleges and departments.

  • Next Destination
  • Top Employers
  • Employment Locations
  • Job Titles
  • Relation to Career Goal
  • Internship Participation
  • Top Universities
  • Degree Types
  • Fields of Study

Next Destination

Huskies pursue an array of plans after graduation.  This graph depicts what recent graduates are doing within a few months after degree completion.