Pre-Health (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, PT/OT, PA)


Pre-Health Career Coaches help inform and empower UW students to identify a health career path and prepare to apply to health professional schools.  By providing support through innovative services, courses, and programs, coaches foster thoughtful career discernment, academic preparation, and experiential reflection.

Do you have pre-health related questions, but are unsure whether to go to academic advising or to the Career & Internship Center?  Maybe this flyer can help.

Pre-Health Career Coaching (appointment scheduling)

Pre-Health Career Coaching (30 min) appointments are available for UW students and alumni.

  • These appointments can help you in making informed decisions about professional health graduate programs (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, PT/OT, PA, Vet, etc.) plus receive support with your application, gap year(s) and overall action plan.
  • Appointments take place in the Career & Internship Center (134 Mary Gates Hall), by phone or online by request.
  • Schedule your appointment in Handshake.

Program Objectives

Our services, seminars and signature events are designed to help UW students:

  • Identify health profession(s) of interest;
  • Develop academic pathways to their desired health profession(s);
  • Participate in meaningful clinical experiences;
  • Utilize available campus/community resources for academic support, leadership development, clinical experiences, and exposure to academic research;
  • Prepare competitive applications to targeted health professional school;
  • Connect to the larger UW community of pre-health students, faculty, and organizations on campus.

Student Outcomes

As a result of working with Pre-Health coaches and participating in related Pre-Health programs and services, students at UW will be able to:

  1. Distinguish functions of pre-health advising from general/departmental advising.
  2. Identify available Pre-Health resources: academic advising, coursework, RSOs.
  3. Network with campus Pre-Health community of students, faculty, and staff.
  4. Articulate personal fit with desired health profession.
  5. Articulate relationship between potential major(s) and desired health profession.
  6. Identify critical elements of a successful application to health professional programs, including:
    1. Identify salient criteria for selecting target schools;
    2. Appropriate prerequisite and other recommended coursework;
    3. Thorough preparation strategy for appropriate entrance exam;
    4. Thoughtful reflection on relevant clinical/research/leadership activities;
    5. Relevant application timeline and process requirements;
    6. (If necessary) reflection on unsuccessful first application and identify opportunities for improvement.

Pre-Health Program Activities/Services

  1. One-on-one meetings with coaches (appointments and Same-Day sessions)
  2. Pre-Health Seminars
    1. Pre-Health 101 (Au)
    2. Applying to Health Professional School (W/Sp)
  3. Signature events:
    1. Interview Panel / Mock Interviews (Au)