Pre-Health (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, PT/OT, PA)


Pre-Health Career Coaches help inform and empower UW students and alumni to identify a health career path and prepare to apply to health professional schools.  See below for the various ways we can support you.  View this flyer to see how both academic advising and pre-health career coaching can be useful to your short and long term academic and career plans.

Resources, Services & Developing Clinical Experience

Application Services:

  • Allopathic Medical Schools: AMCAS
  • Osteopathic Medical Schools: AACOMAS
  • Dentistry Schools: AADSAS
  • Physician Assistant Schools: CASPA
  • Pharmacy Schools: PharmCAS
  • Optometry Schools: OPTOMCAS
  • Physical Therapy Schools: PTCAS

Planning Guides: