Respect + Care for Yourself First

Undergraduate and graduate studies are intense, especially combined with working, caregiving, and other responsibilities we all carry. You cannot be a good student without honoring your own capacity and needs, and I would encourage all of you to deliberately check in with yourself and listen to your mind/body when they need rest. Don’t let grind culture get you! You’ll be able to achieve everything you desire and NOT at the expense of your health and sanity. Your relationship to you should come first 🙂


Academics – History; Disability Studies; Law, Societies, and Justice – Class of 2023
Interests – Health; Non-Profit/Social Justice/Education
Identities – they/them; Student with a Disability; LGBTQ+ Student

Work Experience
  • Masters' of Social Work
  • Portland State University
Graduate School, Health, LGBTQ+ Students, Students with Disabilities
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