You Will Survive the Rat Race

UW has a pretty large population of very driven, smart, and accomplished people who are all thrown into the same pool and told to compete with one another for grades. You might, for the first time, not be at the top of a class or be understanding material as well as you would expect, and that is okay. Really, it is. I never dreamed of using a tutor (I tutored other kids) and thought that by asking for help I was admitting my own inferiority . Don’t doubt yourself or your abilities, and know its okay to ask for help sometimes. Because at the end of this, as long as you have learned something, I promise you it will benefit you in the long run when you take harder classes and go on to jobs having a humbled perspective and a solid foundation.


Academics – Microbiology / Class of 2022
Interests – Physical & Life Sciences
Identities – she/her

Work Experience
  • Postbac Researcher
  • ORISE Fellowship
Jobs, Physical & Life Sciences