Building a Multidisciplinary Skill Set for Sustainability Specialists

In university, building a multidisciplinary skill set is essential for anybody interested in the field of sustainability. Taking advantage of the diverse educational opportunities available at UW means taking courses beyond your primary focus (such as economics, policy, engineering, and communication), engaging in cross-disciplinary projects to gain exposure to different perspectives, attending seminars or talks related to sustainability to stay informed about emerging trends and innovations, as well as actively seeking out internships, and extracurricular activities that allow you to apply and develop your talents into pragmatic work. By immersing yourself in a variety of fields, you will be better equipped to tackle complex sustainability challenges and make a meaningful impact in the future.


Academics – Environmental Science and Resources Management, Class of 2023
Interests – Physical & Life Sciences; Sustainability/Conservation/Energy
Identities – she/her, Student of Color, First Generation Student

Work Experience
  • Project Manager I
  • King County Solid Waste Division
First Generation Students, Jobs, Physical & Life Sciences, Students of Color
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