Washington Wave

Student Organizations

Washington Wave competes in the Marine Energy Collegiate Competition (MECC) put on by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory at the …

Student Mycology Club

Student Organizations

We intend to build a community of people that care about mycology and want to learn more about mushrooms. We …

Husky Cavers

Student Organizations

We aim to give students the opportunity to explore, survey, and gain a better understanding of caves and karst around …

Microphiles Journal @ UW

Student Organizations

The Microphiles Journal is an undergraduate microbiology journal put together entirely by students, aiming to showcase the diversity of microbiology …

Husky Coding Project

Student Organizations

The Problem New Programmers Face

Since the majority of projects offered by CS coursework are solo or in pairs, future …

Undergraduate Research Leaders

Student Organizations

The purpose of this organization is to promote undergraduate research opportunities in all disciplines by sharing experiences with other undergraduates …

Black Students in Biology at the University of Washington

Student Organizations

Black Students in Biology will communicate with the Biology department to address lack of resources available to Black students & …

Polling and Open Data Initiative at the University of Washington

Student Organizations

We don’t just believe in the power of data for public impact. We make it happen. 


The Polling and …

Synbio for Everyone

Student Organizations

Synbio for Everyone consists of a group of interdisciplinary students from a variety of majors who work on improving synthetic …