Don’t Be Fearful of Taking the Least Traditional Route

Many of us want to follow a path exactly like it has been shown by a majority, however it doesn’t make you any less competent or skillful if you have had to experience some pitfalls. It could be that you didn’t follow life by the book, or you didn’t reach certain expectations made by others. Tell yourself that’s okay because as long as you reached that goal and gave it your best shot everything else is noise. It’s super common to meet people who took a nontraditional route to get to where they are, so if you’re a mother who is just starting to get back into education and you want to be a software developer go for it. If you have a nonrelated degree, create impressive projects and study for a certification. Remember that no one will ever judge you as harsh as you judge yourself.


Academics ā€“ Information Technology, Class of 2023
Interests ā€“ Arts/Media/Marketing; Tech/Data/Gaming
Identities ā€“ she/her, LGBTQ+ Student