Plan for Graduate School Success

If you think you might be interested in attending graduate school then it’s a good idea to start tailoring the rest of your time as an undergraduate towards making it happen. Check program requirements at the schools you might want to go to as soon as possible, and see how they line up with your transcript. Chances are that there will be some class or subject your prospective graduate program wants you to study that you wouldn’t otherwise for your undergraduate degree. Take the most challenging courses from your department that you can, and pursue any opportunities in your field of study which present themselves outside of class. If you end up deciding not to go to graduate school then you can always scale back the rigor of your class schedules later, whereas it’s more difficult (but definitely not impossible) to build a solid academic resume if your graduate school aspirations develop when you’re already most of the way through your undergraduate program.


Academics – Economics, Class of 2022
Identities – He/Him, Transfer Student

Work Experience
  • Master's of Arts in Economics
  • New York University
Graduate School, Transfer Students
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