Don’t Let Rejection Discourage You

When applying to internships my junior year, I felt an enormous amount of pressure to get into a great company that would guarantee a return offer in hopes of making my senior year less stressful. After six months of applying and interviewing, I was nowhere closer to an internship and started to feel like a failure. However, I kept pushing forward and finally secured the perfect internship for me that also offered return offers. Due to financial setbacks at the end of my internship, the company decided to limit return offers, bringing me back to square one yet again. I started the process all over again, which ended in me being able to move to a brand new city for a new job with an amazing company. Rejection is an unfortunate part of the job search that feels extremely personal, but don’t let it discourage your from trying again, you never know where you’ll end up!


Academics – Economics, Class of 2023
Interests – Tech/Data/Gaming
Identities – she/her, Transfer Student

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