Candid Career

Candid Career currently features a video library of 6,000+ career clips.  Candid Career’s mission has always been to provide honest career information, and career planning help through video. We do this in order to help people learn as much as they can about their options before choosing a career path. Our video interviews are filmed without narration or actors – just real people speaking from the heart about their career experiences.

Career planning help through video has been, and remains, at the core of everything we do at Candid Career. We know that choosing a career path can be a daunting task, even more so if you are not equipped with accurate information. Our philosophy has always been that the most accurate information comes from those that get up every day and work at the specific job you might be interested in. So, we want to hear from those people. Their first-hand knowledge is the backbone of the career planning help we offer at Candid.

Over the years, we have interviewed thousands of professionals and what we have learned is that everyone has a story to tell and valuable insight to share. We are grateful to those industry professionals that have given of their time and expertise to assist in our mission.

You can use this worksheet to help you take notes and reflect on the careers you learn about.

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