The information below is based on data collected from Huskies up to 7 months following graduation.  Also known as First Destination, the data provide a snapshot of UW-Seattle undergraduates’ success following degree completion.  This information is collected by the Career & Internship Center and the Office of Educational Assessment in accordance with national standards.  Survey response rates are around 25% and we are working to increase response rates so we can provide a more robust picture of UW student outcomes.

First Destination

Huskies pursue an array of plans after graduation.  This graph depicts what recent graduates are doing approximately 7 months after degree completion.

Top Employers

These employers hired the most Huskies.  While these are all large organizations, many UW graduates land jobs in smaller organizations and start-ups as well.

Employment Locations

Huskies love WA state and the vast majority stay here after graduation but Huskies are sprinkled throughout other states and countries as well.

United States


Job Titles

The titles below are a small sampling of the vast range of positions Huskies secure following graduation.  Some of these job titles are specific to one particular field of work, while others apply to many different sectors, industries, and fields.

Internship Participation

All respondents were asked how many internships or internship-like activities (practica, fieldwork, etc.), paid or unpaid, they completed during college.  Statistical analyses indicate that those who participated in internships were 1) less likely to still be seeking work, and, if employed, 2) more likely to be in a career-related position.

Top Universities

Graduates who choose to pursue additional education do so at many different schools across the nation, though many choose to stay at UW.

Degree Types

About half of those continuing their education are in terminal master's programs (meaning they don't plan to continue on to a higher degree).

Fields of Study

UW graduates are accepted into a range of educational programs!  The most common is Computer Science, as many UW undergrad CS majors continue on in their program for an additional year to earn their master's.