Alliance for Media Arts and Culture

The Alliance for Media Arts + Culture is committed to facilitating innovation, collaboration, strategic growth and cultural impact for the media arts field in the US and around the world. Through a suite of forward-thinking and inclusive programs, we hold space for a dynamic network of artists and organizations committed to powerful creative storytelling as an engine for transformation and the collective imagination. We work to preserve and celebrate diverse cultures, and champion free expression as the common language of a democratic society.

Artists and storytellers speak truth to power and light the candles in dark times. We hold strong to these values through the work we do, the stories we tell, and the relationships we nurture:

  • Community: fostering deep connections and meaningful collaboration
  • Creativity: celebrating beauty and imagination in artistry and civic action
  • Equality: prioritizing parity, social justice and human rights
  • Integrity: making a commitment to principled engagement and rigorous analysis
  • Inclusion: promoting democratic ideals and participatory access
  • Openness: encouraging free expression and innovation
  • Story: inspiring empathy, dialogue and the exchange of knowledge
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