Our in-person hours will be 10:00-3:00 Sept 20-24 and 9:00-5:00 starting Sept 27.  We will continue to provide robust virtual resources and services as well.

Many people find interviews to be scary yet exciting and intimidating yet exhilarating.  One thing is for sure…interviewing at least once is required to gain access to nearly any opportunity.  This page has resources to help build your competence and confidence for a wide range of interviews and questions.


Featured Classes


Acing Your Interview (38 minutes) & Mastering Common Interview Questions (56 minutes)

Virtual Interviews

Video Interview Tips (24 mins) & Digital Body Language (25 mins)

Featured Resources

Mock Interview Rubric

This checklist can be used to understand what components are important to focus on during an interview. It’s also a …

Interview Prep Tool

With LinkedIn Interview Prep tools…improve with instant feedback on interview responses (powered by AI) and learn if you’re speaking too …

UW Backgrounds for Virtual Interviews

Looking for a suitable background image as you prepare for your next virtual interview or video meeting with a potential …


UW is pleased to offer StandOut, a mock video interviewing platform, to help improve your interviewing skills. Visit https://uw.standout.com to …

Where to Access Laptops & Wifi
Are you participating in virtual interviews or virtual career fairs, but aren’t sure how to access tech, wifi or quiet …
STAR Method of Interviewing

The STAR method is an effective way to answer behavior-based interview questions such as “tell me about a time when…”

Candid Career: Interview Videos

15+ videos all about interviewing on Candid Career

Dress for Success

Wondering how to dress for your next interview or career fair?  This resource provides great, concise recommendations to help you …

Ace Your Virtual Interview

Learn about the different types of virtual interviews and how to prepare for them.