Cover Letter Samples

Here are three great examples of cover letters that each demonstrate different ways of formatting and tailoring your content to fit your position of interest.


The classic style is often what you may think of when you imagine what a cover letter may look like. It is also the formatting that you will see most often when looking up examples and guides online. It allows you to tell your story in a simple format that works wonderfully for putting your best professional foot forward.


The bullet-style letter allows you to share your main skills, achievements, and qualifications for a role in succinct bullet points versus fully fleshed out paragraphs. One thing to keep in mind if you decide to write a bullet style cover letter is that you should not simply copy your favorite bullet points from your resume, but instead write new thoughts about tasks and skills that relate to why you will be a good fit for the role you are applying for.

Skills & Results-Centered

The skills and results centered style allows you to have a hybrid approach. By focusing on a few relevant skill areas (titled in bold), how you’ve gained them, and the results of your work, you can share your fit for a role in a concise and easy-to-read way. Consider naming skill areas directly listed on the job description.