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Internships are a key way to learn outside the classroom and can help shape your career trajectory, expand your professional network, build your resume, and bolster your chances of securing a good job after graduation. In fact, internship experience is one of the most important things employers look for in hiring new college graduates. The videos and resources below will help you to explore, find, maximize, and reflect on an internship experience that is the right fit for you.


Featured Resources


One-stop-shop for international students and global opportunities.

We know the international student journey can be challenging. From finding jobs from …

Exploring & Finding Internships

Things to consider before you start your internship search.

International Students and Internships

International students in F-1 status who meet certain eligibility requirements can participate in internships using CPT.  Learn more about CPT …

Creating Learning Goals

Tips on how to make your internship a successful learning experience.

Finding Funding for Unpaid Internships

Most internship opportunities available for UW students are paid, however an unpaid internship can be a good option for students …

Addressing Sexual Harassment

This brochure from the UW Title IX office can help you recognize discriminatory behavior, and provides resources and information about …

Understanding Non Disclosure Agreements

Information for UW students on Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and Confidentiality Agreements (CDAs) as they relate to student participation in an …

Internship Application Timeline

Internships are experiential learning opportunities that allow you to integrate academic learning with “hands-on” experience, build or strengthen specific skills …


Participate in job simulations with real companies to build skills, get experience, and find your career fit.

Forage is a …