Internships in LGBTQIA+activism 2016-2017: apply today!


Want to advocate for diversity and equity while developing transferable professional skills? Need an internship to help pad the resume before you leave UW?   Then apply for one of the five internships being offered by the Queer Student Commission for …

By Jon Olivera
Jon Olivera Career Counselor
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On-campus student employment


Welcome (back) to campus and we hope you had a great summer. If you’re in the market for an on-campus job, here are some resources you can take advantage of:

Dawg Daze ‘On-Campus Student Jobs’ workshop on Monday, September 26th …

By Tina Adelstein
Tina Adelstein Career Counselor
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Summer’s over. Did you update your resume?


Today is officially the first day of Fall. Classes start in less than a week. But before you get swamped with everything happening in Fall quarter, take a quick bit of time to reflect on your summer. Hopefully you were …

By Shannon Merchant
Shannon Merchant Career Counselor
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Engineering majors broken down for you


The Career Center @ Engineering (CC@E) has broken down the different areas of engineering to help you understand career opportunities and paths within this broad field.

Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering

The world of aerospace engineering is dynamic and forward-driven as it addresses …

By Shannon Merchant
Shannon Merchant Career Counselor
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Palantir’s Puzzlehunt is coming to UW


Fancy a fall afternoon solving puzzles? For the sixth year running, Palantir is hosting a puzzlehunt at UW on October 15th, 11:30-7:30. Grab some friends or maybe your study group and sharpen your creative problem-solving skills! The event is open to all …

By Catherine Basl
Catherine Basl Career Counselor
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No need to be terrified of the multiple-mini-interview


It’s interview season! You just received your interview offer for the health professional graduate program of your dreams…elation! Then you read the fine print…interviews will be conducted in multiple-mini-interview (MMI) format and your stomach drops. You are expected to play …

By Shannon Merchant
Shannon Merchant Career Counselor
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