¡SpainWorks! – Scholarship for Immersive Internships in Spain

¡SpainWorks! provides UW students the opportunity to work, live, and learn in León, Spain during winter quarter and is offered through a partnership with the UW León Center, UW Study Abroad, and the UW Career & Internship Center. Selected students will live with a local family, intern for a local organization, and immerse themselves fully in all León has to offer.

Applications for the winter 2023 program will be accepted through May 1st.

  • Benefits of International Internships

    • Interning abroad provides many benefits beyond those of general internships. Students can increase their language proficiency; build an international network; develop communication skills with diverse, cross-cultural colleagues; get to know a new work culture, increase their understanding of global issues and trends; and better position themselves for international careers.
  • Available Internships

    • We anticipate offering 3 types of internships.
      Social Media

      Be part of a communication team, with an emphasis on social media.  This internship will be hosted by one of these two organizations: 1) An entrepreneurial international organization at the University of León that is re-imagining and designing university-level education as part of multi-nation project, or 2) The office of the mayor of León, Spain, which has an ambitious agenda to create a vibrant “smart” city and the communication team focuses on a wide array of city issues. An internship in either organization would involve challenging and interesting work in social media in a situation with good mentorship. Additionally, the university office is focusing a lot on podcasts and content creation.  Projects will be quite diverse, but could include monitoring existing social media outlets, and creating content for those outlets as well as helping with a wide array of media-related projects in each organization.

      Intermediate to advanced Spanish proficiency is needed to intern at the university and fluency is needed to intern at the mayor’s office.  A background and/or experience in media and communication and social media, in particular, would be especially useful for both opportunities.

      Education and immigrants

      Join the education and immigrant support team at a León based organization that reaches Spanish to immigrants.  Intermediate to advanced Spanish proficiency needed.   Background in Education, or in teaching a second language, would be useful but not required.  Many of the immigrants speak some English, so projects/tasks could include preparation of materials (in English, Spanish) for an important nationality exam, as well as assisting Spanish instruction staff.

      Camino de Santiago

      Join the team at a León-based organization that provides support to pilgrims who are following the Camino de Santiago (a pilgrimage route dating back more than a thousand years, with tens of thousands of pilgrims from around the world coming through León annually). The Camino de Santiago has a rich and long religious and cultural history.

      The association draws on the work of many volunteers who help with a wide variety of projects, including creation of publications on behalf of the association, development of guides and information resources in English and Spanish for pilgrims, interface with pilgrims needing information, maintenance of a small library, maintenance of the Camino trail in the province of León, hosting an annual concert, a film festival and a photography exhibition.

      Advanced Spanish proficiency is required.  An understanding of the importance of the Camino – and of its history and culture — would be valuable for any intern.

  • Program Eligibility

    • Students who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for the scholarship:
      • Enrolled undergraduate student at UW-Seattle in good academic standing.
      • Strong and clear interest in conducting an internship in León, Spain during winter quarter.
      • Must be eligible for international travel.
      • Must have intermediate fluency in Spanish (for example, completed Spanish 301 or equivalent).
      • Preference will be given to applicants who have studied or traveled abroad previously or are familiar with living and working in Spain.
  • Program Requirements

    • Recipients of the scholarship are required to:
      • Meet with UW Career & Internship Center staff for their program orientation.
      • Notify UW Study Abroad of their travel and complete an Independent Learning Abroad program for credit. (cost covered by the scholarship)
      • Arrange air and ground transportation to Spain. (cost covered by the scholarship)
      • Read and complete the Student International Travel Policy requirements as outlined by the Office of Global Affairs.
      • Enroll in GEN ST 350, our distance learning internship reflection course, during the winter quarter of their internship.
      • Live with a local family in León during the program. (cost covered by the scholarship)
      • Complete a program evaluation survey at the conclusion of their internship experience.
  • Course Enrollment

      • Students wanting to maintain full-time enrollment would likely take the following. However, students will not enroll in these courses directly, but instead will be enrolled in FSTDY 300 when they pay their Study Abroad fee.

    • 6 credits, Gen St 350, Internship Practice & Reflection, Career & Internship Center, UW (this is required)
    • 5 credits, Spanish, Centro de Idiomas, Universidad de Leon (we will handle logistics)
    • 1+ credits, Independent Study (student would arrange directly with department or faculty)

    After returning from abroad:

    • Students will work with their sponsoring faculty and departments to have their academic performance evaluated on their independent study/internship.
    • The sponsor will then complete the “upon return” section of the credit verification form.
    • Once the completed form is returned to the UW Study Abroad Office, they will post the grades to the student’s transcript and remove FSTDY 300.
    • More information can be found here.

  • Financial Details

    • The total funding package per intern is $6,000.  Approximately $3,500 is spent behind the scenes to cover the Study Abroad Fee, the UW León Center fee, housing costs and language instruction. Interns will also receive approximately $2,500 (split into three installments) disbursed to their student account; this funding is intended to cover air and ground transportation and living expenses while in León. Students are required to purchase UW Student Abroad Insurance during their time in the program ($1.72 per day).
  • Application Information

    • Applications will be accepted April 1 to May 1.Complete the application Google Form which includes the following:
        • Essay question about your interest in conducting an internship in León, Spain and how that relates to your longer-term career goals.
        • Essay question about which of the available internships you are interested and why.
        • Essay question about your familiarity with the Spanish language.
        • Essay question about your experience with traveling or living outside the U.S.
        • Essay question about how conducting an internship abroad during winter quarter would affect your academic trajectory.
        • Current resume
        • Unofficial transcript

      All applicants will be notified in May 2022 of their application status.

  • Questions

Past Scholarship Recipients

  • Winter 2022

    • Name
      – Paula Thiele
      Major – Communication
      Internship Site – León City Council
      Description of Internship – I interned at the León City Council in the Press office, working in close contact with the Mayor of León. Here I had tasks such as developing social media content, heading the translation of important historical articles on the city’s website, and monitoring events such as press conferences. This internship provided me with an opportunity to perfect my Spanish, learn more about the Spanish work culture and become immersed in León’s political world.
      Reflections on Living in León – León is a welcoming and familiar city anyone can fit into. The people are receptive and friendly, and the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. Its history is everywhere, from the Cathedral of León, to the Basilica de San Isidoro, to the Walls that used to surround this city two centuries ago, and still stand. Leonese people love to stay outside having a coffee, some wine with tapas, or walking their dogs, creating a nice environment for students to make friends and explore.
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