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Employers who hire new college graduates have identified a few core skills that are critical to students’ success in the job search and in the workplace.  Students should seek opportunities such as classes, activities, and internships to develop the skills listed below.  This list of competencies was developed in 2021 by a group of employers and university career centers in conjunction with the National Association of Colleges & Employers.


Featured Resources

Career Readiness Competency Descriptions & Behaviors

This resource lists 8 career readiness competencies, defines them, and provides sample behaviors that would indicate skill in each area.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an on-demand video learning platform to help you develop and enhance skills. Free access to LinkedIn Learning …

Career Launch Readiness Assessment

Help uncover your level of career readiness in these areas: 1) relationship-building skills, 2) professional communication, 3) career planning & …


Participate in job simulations with real companies to build skills, get experience, and find your career fit.

Forage is a …

Featured Classes

Leading Yourself

Taught by Elizabeth (McLeod) Lotardo
Before you can effectively lead others, you need to lead yourself. In this course, learn how to manage your mindset,…

Critical Thinking

Taught by Mike Figliuolo
Critical thinking is the ability to think reflectively and independently in order to make thoughtful decisions. By focusing on root-cause…

Teamwork Foundations

Taught by Chris Croft
Whatever job you do, it’s likely you work in a team. Your performance will depend on your ability to work…

Skills for Inclusive Conversations

Taught by Mary-Frances Winters
Organizations reap the benefits of diversity—when employees bring their whole, authentic selves to work. Diverse teams are more productive, innovative,…

Productivity Tips: Using Technology

Taught by Dave Crenshaw
Technology can be both a boon to productivity and a major time sink. In this installment of the Productivity Tips…

Finding Your Leadership Purpose

Taught by Doug Conant
Today’s leaders, who face a fragile, contentious, and fractured environment, can no longer lead in a reactive mode, by the…

Interpersonal Communication

Taught by Dorie Clark
Communicating effectively isn’t an innate talent that some people have and others don’t—it’s something that anyone can learn and practice.…

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Taught by Dr Gemma Leigh Roberts
Mindset is a choice. People with a growth mindset—who choose to believe that talent and ability can grow—experience better performance,…