A university is a “universe” of knowledge

I was a mathematics major as an undergrad and am currently a PhD student at UW Aerospace. Despite being a STEM student, I really loved and took advantage of the non-STEM courses at UW. I wasn’t far from earning a minor in history even. I feel many STEM students do not learn enough “non-STEM” material: history, writing, classical literature, music, art, etc. They take the elective with the easiest A rather than one they’d find truly interesting. I have used the lessons learned from my history class countless times, indirectly, through navigating interviews, office politics, networking, and communication with peers. I highly suggest to stem students to look inward and ask yourself “what non-STEM topics are you interested in, and what courses can I take to satisfy those interests?”


Academics – Mathematics / Class of 2021
Interests – Tech/Data/Gaming
Identities – he/him