Husky Innovation & Ideas

Student Organizations

Husky I & I is a student-run organization dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation among students from all majors. Our …

Husky Help Organization

Student Organizations

Husky Help Organization (H.H.O) is a nonprofit registered student organization at University of Washington, established by a number of enthusiastic …

Unite UW Student Association

Student Organizations

To promote diversifying culture across the UW campus and to connect domestic and international students together in a cohesive community.

Hua Psychology Club

Student Organizations

We are committed to helping international students to improve their mental health by providing information about counseling resources and staff …

International Student Mentorship Program

Student Organizations

To provide an environment that supports international students

To support new international students to explore the campus

To provide leadership …

ASUW Asian Student Commission

Student Organizations

We advocate for Asian cultural/international RSOs and students at UW

Huskies for Neurodiversity

Student Organizations

Winner of the 2021-2022 Husky Seed Fund Award, Huskies for Neurodiversity is a student-led initiative that promotes visibility and acceptance …

ASUW Student Disability Commission

Student Organizations

The SDC is a student-led disability advocacy organization housed under ASUW. It is comprised of 2 student employees (Director and …

ASUW Queer Student Commission

Student Organizations

Advocate for LGBTQ+ RSO’s and students on campus. ASUW QSC works through programming, policy, and community advocacy to support and …