Host an InfoSession

Information Sessions (“InfoSessions”) are informal events that give you an opportunity to share information about your company while networking with UW students and alumni.

An InfoSession personalizes your recruiting process by putting a face to your organization, increasing interest and refining your applicant base. An InfoSession also helps you maximize your interview time, allowing for general questions and information to be discussed during your session. 

Hosting an InfoSession
The best time to host an InfoSession is during the quarter in which you plan to recruit, often, a day or two before you plan on interviewing on campus.  Of course, you don’t have to be interviewing to host an InfoSession – most students and alumni appreciate networking and learning about your organization while you build your brand and visibility on campus.

InfoSessions are hosted in our lobby and typically run between one and two hours. Our lobby can accommodate 90-100 people and food/refreshments are encouraged.

InfoSessions are a service we’re happy to offer to you for a nominal fee – $200 for Business/Industry and $100 for Government or Non-Profit Agencies.

Should my company hold an Information Session?
InfoSessions aren’t the best recruiting option for everyone. We have found that InfoSessions are typically most successful (high student turnout) in the following circumstances:

  • Companies within engineering and technical fields, and/or
  • Companies with a recognizable brand

What if my company doesn’t fall into these categories?
That doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have a successful InfoSession. It will just take some additional work from your recruiting team to generate student interest in the session. Visibility is key!

Our Employer Relations team is always happy to discuss strategies for increasing visibility on campus, like Employer-Led Workshops, the Husky Signature Employer program and much more. Visit our Visibility page or contact us to learn more about your options.

Does the Career Center help promote my session?
Yes! We’ll work with you to publicize your InfoSession online through our interactive calendar, HuskyJobs and as part of a weekly email to students. We also work closely with the Career Center @ Engineering and Business Career Center, so your opportunities are shared with all relevant student populations. We’ll also provide you with some additional marketing ideas and tips to make your InfoSession a success.

Still not sure if an InfoSession is right for you?
Contact Us to determine if an InfoSession is right for you.

Ready to schedule an InfoSession?
To schedule an InfoSession, simply fill out our On-Campus Recruiting Request Form.