Recruit Applicants

In order to foster a more diverse workforce you must first create more diverse applicant pools. The following sections outline common elements of the recruitment process and include questions and recommendations as you develop your recruitment strategies for your job and internship positions.

Conduct Outreach

Communication Strategies

  • Tailor your outreach to specific communities and explain why you are interested in them. Avoid tokenizing diverse communities or only contacting candidates because of their identities.
  • Follow Handshake’s 8 Dos and Don’ts of Messaging Underrepresented Students.
  • Recognize potential bias you may hold about who could, or could not, be right for your positions. Avoid assumptions about who may or may not have the skills or experiences you are looking for in candidates. Allow anyone to show you why they could be right for the role.

Reflect on Your Efforts

  • How many applications did you receive? Where did the applications come from? Who ultimately applied? How does that compare to previous recruitment cycles?
  • What might have influenced these results positively or negatively?
  • How do your efforts reflect the broader student populations you aim to recruit? For example, you can compare your pool to the quick-stats on UW campus enrollment.