Job Search Engines for Neurodivergent Job Seekers

Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP)
The WRP is a recruitment and referral program that connects federal and private sector employers nationwide with highly motivated college students and recent graduates with disabilities who are eager to prove their abilities in the workplace through summer or permanent jobs.

Putting Disability Inclusion to Work. The leading web-based community for job seekers with disabilities and inclusive employers 

Neurodiversity Career Connector (NDCC)
A job marketplace that connects neurodivergent people with U.S. companies already committed to neurodiversity hiring programs. Created by the Neurodiversity at Work Roundtable, established by Microsoft and Disability:IN.

Mentra is a neurodivergent-friendly talent platform that intelligently matches neurodiverse individuals with employers that value their strengths. Mentra puts recruiters in front of candidates rather than forcing them to navigate through the challenging process of finding a job. How? Through humanistic AI and community-driven design.

The only employment site where 100% of posted jobs are from employers specifically seeking to hire people with disabilities. abilityJOBS is the largest searchable resume bank of talented job seekers with disabilities.

Connect to jobs and receive curated job matches from employers who are committed to disability inclusion and creating diverse teams. It’s the most personalized job hiring experience, built with accessibility and inclusion as a core feature. Benefit from a community of like-minded professionals on an accessible platform.

Getting Hired
We are a bias-free community dedicated to providing job resources, connecting candidates with quality employers, and offering fair opportunities for all. We work with companies committed to going beyond check-the-box hiring to help them foster inclusive workplaces.

Chronically Capable
Chronically Capable is a platform that connects the 133+ million Americans who suffer from chronic illness with employers who offer remote work, great benefits, and flexible schedules

disABLEDperson, Inc.

We want to help you, a person with a disability find employment. So come, post your resume and look through our job listings. Unlike other disability job boards, we don’t send out spiders to aggregate job listings from other Web sites. Everything you see here was posted right here by the employer.