Become Skilled… and a Wordsmith

In your collegiate career you will – without a doubt – gain plenty of skills. You may have learned how to code in Java, perform a Bradford assay, or make a discounted cash flow model. These are all specialized skills that most people don’t understand and will pay you more to do for them. However, it is difficult for a recruiter to assess your skills through an interview, especially, if it’s one held over video chat. Therefore, explaining technical skills and ideas to recruiters in easy-to-understand language will demonstrate your proficiency in these skills and maximize your success in the job market. In short, sharpen up your technical skills and become a wordsmith alongside – true mastery is the ability to perform and explain your skill.


Academics – Molecular Biology; English, Class of 2023
Interests – Health; Consulting/Business
Identities – he/him, Student of Color

Work Experience
  • Analyst, Healthcare Consulting
  • Mercer
Consulting / Business, Jobs, Students of Color
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