Communications Colloquium on Social Media Influencers

UW’s Communications department presents a lecture with Stanford University professor Angèle Christin entitled “Follow Me: Influencers, Platforms, and the Rise of the Follower Economy.”

Who are social media influencers, and how do their careers and revenues shape the kind of content we see online? Dr. Christin will present an ethnographic study of content creators on social media platforms, which draws on cases ranging from vegan YouTubers to “dad” influencers and influencer marketers. Based on this material, we explore how structural forces reproduce precarity as well as gender and racial inequality in social media careers, while also nudging influencers toward interpersonal “drama” and sometimes the production of problematic content. Moving beyond the case of influencers, Dr. Christin develops the concept of the “follower economy” to explain these transformations in how we communicate and present ourselves offline.

Angèle Christin is an associate professor in the Department of Communication and the faculty director of the Digital Civil Society Lab at Stanford University. She studies how algorithms and analytics transform professional values, expertise, and work practices.

When: Wednesday, May 8, 2024, 3:30 – 5 p.m.

Where: Access the Zoom link for this online meeting by clicking here.

By Kirk Heynen (He/Him)
Kirk Heynen (He/Him) Career Coach