Handshake: 7 “Green Flags” to Look For in an Employer

When interviewing with a new organization, it’s wise to keep an eye out for “red flags.” Some job-seekers might be wary of high company turnover, lack of punctuality, low salaries, or other factors that signal that it might not be the right job for them. Others might have had negative experiences in the past and are actively seeking a role that’s the complete opposite. It’s key to know your boundaries and what sorts of things you don’t want in an employer, as this knowledge can save you from uncomfortable experiences down the road. Red flags certainly have a place in the job hunt and can be great time savers and peace keepers.

Though many job seekers often focus on the “red flags” of a company, you should also consider the “green flags,” or the positive things about a job that make you want to see the interview process through. What things might an employer say during the interview process or post in a job listing that spark excitement about the prospective role, company, or team?

With so many potential places to work, there are many different teammates, policies, benefits, and opportunities for growth that might appeal to you. While your green flags might look different from a colleague’s or peer’s, there are a few common themes that tend to appeal to candidates across the board. Consider the employer green flags in Handshake’s blog post the next time you’re speaking with an employer!

By Lindsay Smith (She/Her)
Lindsay Smith (She/Her) Associate Director for Employer & Community Connections