Scholarships available for UW students engaged in leadership, advocacy, and community engagement

These are scholarships that don’t see as many applicants, even though we know UW students are deeply engaged and active in their communities:

  • Mary Gates Leadership Scholarships – $5,000 for UW undergrads actively engaged in any kind of project, effort, community work, club, etc. and using that engagement as a way to learn about/develop their leadership skills. Eligibility is open to all UW undergrads, regardless of major, year, residency, citizenship. Apply by 10/30/23, and there will be another deadline in January.
  • Truman Scholarship – $30,000 toward graduate school for undergraduate “juniors” (based on graduation date) planning to pursue careers in public service (government, non-profits, education, public health, public policy, etc.). US citizenship required.
    Apply for UW nomination by 11/16/23. Seven nomination spots available, including 3 specifically for transfer students.
  • Udall Undergraduate Scholarship – a $7,000 scholarship for sophomores and juniors who are committed to making a difference in either the environment or Native American/Alaska Native Tribal Policy/Native healthcare. US citizenship or permanent residency required. Apply for UW nomination by 1/10/24. Four nominations are available for students committed to environmental careers and four for students interested in Tribal Policy/Native healthcare.
By Lily Burnstein (She/Her)
Lily Burnstein (She/Her) Career Coach