Why Being Out at Work Matters – Queer Money Ep. 168

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Why Being Out at Work Matters – Queer Money Ep. 168 was originally published on Queer Money.

On this Queer Money, we discuss a topic that often brings up angst for many in the LGBTQ community; should I be out at work?

An estimated 50% of LGBTQ individuals in the US are not out at work. Why does visibility matter? What can companies do to encourage self-identification? And how can businesses use this information to support queer employees and advocate for equality in the places where they operate?

Todd Sears is a former investment banker and financial advisor turned entrepreneur for equality. He led pioneering LGBT+ inclusion initiatives at Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse before founding Out Leadership in 2011. Todd originated the idea of a Return on Equality, and his global leadership initiatives seek to engage senior leaders around LGBT+ opportunities, develop talent, and impact business results.

Today, Todd joins us to discuss the recently published LGBT+ Self-ID Study, explaining what prompted Out Leadership to conduct this research and how companies can use the information. He weighs in on what companies need to do to promote LGBT+ self-identification and offers insight around the pros and cons of coming out at work. Listen in to understand what Out Leadership hopes to accomplish through the LGBT+ Self-ID Study and learn how visibility among the queer community improves the corporate culture for other minority groups!

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