Skill Evaluations on LinkedIn Learning!

With Skill Evaluations on LinkedIn Learning, learners can take guided self-evaluations to gauge how confident they feel around various topics and receive personalized course recommendations tailored to their proficiency level. 

The 42 Skill Evaluations include a combination of hard skills (i.e. Excel, Python, etc.) and soft skills (i.e. Communication, adaptability, problem-solving, etc.). 

Skill Evaluations can be found on the topic page for a given skill, accessible via browse or search. In-progress and completed Skill Evaluations can be found in My Learning

When a learner completes an evaluation, they’ll see a results page that contains their proficiency level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) for various topics within that skill. Three course recommendations will be provided for each topic, tailored to the learner’s proficiency level. 

Individual Skill Evaluation results will not be shared with a learner’s organization or their personal LinkedIn network. Skill Evaluations are only meant to guide their learning.

By Briana Randall (She/Her)
Briana Randall (She/Her) Executive Director