Networking Online in the Neurodivergent Community

The Neurodiversity Network was founded to provide resources for neurodivergent job seekers and neurodivergent students, employers & universities, & the support of the neurodiverse community. Their mission is to consolidate various neurodiversity resources into one place. Their goal is to enhance neurodiversity awareness and neurodiversity acceptance for neurodivergent folks to find meaningful employment and educational experiences.

Networking can feel incredibly daunting, which is why the Neurodiversity Network has curated a collection of supportive online forums and groups, including ones on LinkedIn, as well as virtual career fairs, to support job seekers in the neurodivergent community find + connect with fellow peers, advocates, employeres, and resources. The Networking Online page can be found by clicking here!

By Lily Burnstein (She/Her)
Lily Burnstein (She/Her) Career Coach