CIA – 140 Job & Internship Opportunites

Earlier this week, recruiters from the CIA visited to share some information about open positions and tips about applying. Check out some of the tips below!

The CIA has numerous full-time positions as well as undergraduate and graduate internships and scholarships. There are opportunities for foreign travel, language training, and overseas postings. CIA provides competitive salaries, relocation expenses, and student loan repayment programs. All positions require US citizenship, relocation to the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and a top-secret security clearance. Visit the CIA Career website for open positions –

Jobs & Internships
There are more than 140 job and internship opportunities with the CIA, across five directorates: analysis, operations, science & technology, digital innovation, and support.

  • A single application can be submitted to up to four different positions; it is recommended to select positions within a single directorate and that have some consistency.
  • All internships are paid and in-person in Washington, DC; applications are closing soon for Summer 2023.
  • Interns need to be returning to school after the summer, such as a junior returning as a senior, or a senior returning as a grad student.
  • Internships are not the only way to get a job at the CIA. Don’t be dissuaded from applying for a full-time job if you aren’t accepted into an internship.
  • Remote work is not an option for any job type; all work is done at the office in DC or abroad.

Application and Interview Timeline

  • It takes about one year to get through the application, interview, and clearance processes.
  • If you plan to study abroad or leave the country for more than two months, wait to submit applications until you return.
  • Right now:
    • Freshmen and sophomores can apply for internships for Summer 2023
    • Juniors and seniors can apply for full-time jobs that begin Fall 2023

How can you set yourself apart in your cover letter?

  • Your cover letter is the most critical piece of your application.
  • Explain why you want to work for the CIA specifically, relating to the agency’s mission, rather than just discussing a desire to serve your country.
  • Emphasize what you can do for the CIA (transferable skills, talents, past experiences) rather than what working for the agency can do for you.
  • Two important elements to emphasize – motivation and skills:
    • What part of the CIA mission do you want to be a part of?
    • What is your understanding of the jobs you’re applying for? Tell us what you think you’re getting yourself into.
    • What skills do you bring to those jobs? Put them in context – how your past job/volunteer responsibilities will translate to the specific roles you’re applying for.

Are there any majors that are of particular interest?
The CIA is hiring for all majors, but these are of particular interest:

  • Data analytics, computer science, or network forensics
  • Criminology, psychology, forensic psychology, forensic science, or biology
  • Graphic design, creative technologies, interactive design, or human-centered design
  • Finance, accounting, business administration, commerce, project management, or supply chain management
  • Foreign affairs, political science, sociology, communications, or journalism
  • Russian, Arabic, Farsi, Chinese, or other foreign language
By Lindsay Smith (She/Her)
Lindsay Smith (She/Her) Handshake Experience Manager