Internship Corner – It’s Cold and Rainy, Let’s Talk about Summer Internships

Welcome to the last week of fall quarter! It may seem like an odd time to talk about next summer, but in fact, many employers start recruiting for their summer internships as early as January.

Here are a few ways to keep on top of summer opportunities:

  1. Handshake – Our national job and internship board has hundreds of summer internship opportunities, and we see the numbers of postings go way up in January and February (over 40% more than the average!). Be sure to login and complete your Handshake profile. You can also figure out which search filters help you find interesting opportunities so you’re ready to start applying in winter quarter.
  2. Summer Research – for students interested in research, there are a ton of summer research opportunities out there. Similar to an internship in many ways, summer research can be a great way to take a deep dive into a particular field or topic. Check out the Summer Research page on the UW Undergraduate Research Program website.
  3. Career Coaching – Need help on your resume or a cover letter for a position? Not finding what you’re looking for in Handshake? Our Career Coaches can assist you in your search for summer internships from how to find opportunities to making sure your application materials are ready to go. You can schedule an appointment with a Career Coach here.

This winter break is a great time to update your application materials and start looking for opportunities so you’re ready to apply in the new year. Best of luck on your finals!

By Daniel Herb (He/Him)
Daniel Herb (He/Him) Internship Success Manager