Fall Course on Personal Narrative – Drama 451 – Open to All Students (VLPA)

Drama 451 is open to all levels, including first and second-year students. Students do not have to be Drama majors to register, and the instructor is Dr. Nikki Yeboah, professor, oral historian and storyteller.

Here’s the class description:

“This course is designed for anyone interested in exploring and sharing the personal stories they have to tell. Through exposure to critical theory and solo documentary theater artists, students will be guided through an intense process of self-discovery and self-devising that examines who we are in relation to others in culture. What does it mean in this world to be Asian, wealthy, white, conservative, gay, poor, Muslim, middle-class, Black, a man? Over the course of the quarter, students will draft, re-draft, and rehearse a solo performance from their own lived experience. The course will culminate in a public performance of student work-in-progress/process.”

In the meantime, you might be interested in this article from the New York Times.

By Eli Heller (He/Him)
Eli Heller (He/Him) Career Coach