Sustainability / Conservation / Energy

Sustainability Foundations: Core Concepts

Solving the environmental crisis we’re in is a critically important topic for everyone to consider in life and at work, from individual contributors to the c-suite. We hear about the climate and biodiversity crisis, and the need to transform business, but the frameworks and jargon can be confusing. What does net zero actually mean? What are the world’s sustainable development goals (SDGs)? What are carbon emissions and how can we reduce them?

Understanding the three interdependent dimensions of sustainability—specifically the environment, society, and the economy—are where we need to start. In this course, learn how all three of these are essential and how they are interconnected. Join instructor Amy Luers to gain a clearer understanding of some of the concepts and terms everyone needs to understand to make sustainability part of their work and life and help drive the profound transformation that the world so urgently needs.

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