Sustainability / Conservation / Energy

An Introduction to AI and Sustainability

Humanity is at a pivotal moment. To avert the worst impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss, society must transform away from our carbon-intensive and resource-depleting growth–at an unprecedented scale and pace. In this course, Amy Luers, Senior Global Director for Sustainability Science and Innovation at Microsoft, explains how artificial intelligence can help achieve the scale and pace of changes needed to meet global sustainability targets like net zero emissions while protecting and restoring nature. She outlines the opportunities and challenges of leveraging AI tools for accelerating sustainability progress, and what is needed to fully leverage their potential. Learn how AI can help reduce carbon emissions, expand access to renewable energy, reduce waste, and enhance the ability to protect biodiversity. Plus, learn how to ensure that AI is responsibly developed and deployed so that it can empower every person and organization to accelerate their sustainability progress.

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