Hire Work Study Students

The UW Work Study Office, a division of the Office of Student Financial Aid, is the subject matter expert on hiring work study eligible students in your jobs and internships. Work Study is a federal and state funded program to support low-income students in finding part-time work to support their education.

The Work Study Office has compiled an On-Campus Employer Guide which goes through the entire recruitment process from writing the job description to hiring your student employees.

Benefits of Hiring Work Study

  • Departments are only responsible for 40% of the student’s wage. The remainder is covered by UW Work Study.
  • Support low-income students in their ability to fund their education at UW.
  • Take advantage of federal and state funding to create high quality employment opportunities for students.

Summary from the Employer Guide

The on-campus employer guide provides additional details and resources for each of these steps, but here is the general process for hiring a work study eligible student.

  • Complete the Job Description Form on the Work Study website.
    • Note that the Work Study job database is separate from Handshake.
    • Job listings are posted about two weeks before the start of the employment period.
  • Review applications and interview your applicants.
  • Applicants must provide you with a Work Study Verification Form before they can start in the job.
  • Once you’ve selected your student, complete the employer’s section of the Work Study Verification Form.
  • Determine a weekly work schedule for your student given their availability, the job requirements, and available funding for the position.
  • Work with your HR representative or hiring department to get your student set up in WorkDay.