On-Campus Student Employment

Working on campus is convenient, flexible, and a great way to meet people. Gain experience while exploring career options, developing career-ready skills and building your resume.

What is on-campus student employment?

  • Student employment roles are paid, on-campus jobs intended to be held by current UW students.
  • As a matter of UW policy, on-campus student employment roles are for a maximum of 19.5 hours per week during the academic year, with options for more hours during breaks. Learn more about official UW policy on student employment.
  • Student employment opportunities exist in many different departments, schools, colleges and buildings across campus.

What are some potential benefits of an on-campus student job?

  • Gain professional experience right here on campus.
  • Grow and expand your UW networks and communities.
  • The maximum weekly number of hours can help ensure that you have time to devote to coursework and other elements of your Husky Experience.

How do I find an on-campus job?

  • On-campus hiring occurs year-round, and there is no central website or resource where all on-campus jobs are listed.
  • Handshake is one great place to look for on-campus opportunities.
  • Click here to view other places where on-campus student jobs are listed.

What if I have a Work Study Award as part of my federal or state financial aid package?

  • Positions that require work study eligibility, as determined by your financial aid package, are listed at the Work Study Office.
  • Connect with the Work Study Office directly if you have questions about your Work Study award or are uncertain if you received one.

How do I prepare materials for an on-campus job application?

  • The exact application process may vary from role to role, but you’ll generally need a tailored resume and cover letter.
  • We have a variety of resources to help you develop those materials and strategize about your job search.

What if I have questions about student employment?

Consult official UW policy on student employment for logistical or eligibility questions, or come in to drop-ins to consult with one of our career coaches about strategy and materials.

Please note: this page and the content contained within it is intended to refer to general on-campus student employment opportunities, and not graduate-level Assistantships (TA, RA or Assistant Opportunities). Information about Graduate Staff Assistantships can be accessed here.