Where to look for on-campus jobs

On-campus employers are welcome and encouraged to post their hiring needs to Handshake but are not required to do so. While Handshake should be one element of your on-campus job search, links and resources noted below are additional, complementary resources for locating positions on the Seattle campus.

Please note that some student employment opportunities may be temporarily unavailable due to the primarily-remote nature of the UW for the time being.

Do you have a Work Study Award as part of your State or Federal Financial Aid Package? View additional opportunities here.

Are you an International Student? Learn more about your employment options, restrictions and considerations at the ISS website.

Looking for on-campus opportunities at UW Bothell or UW Tacoma? Visit this page f0r UW Bothell-based opportunities or click here for UW Tacoma-based roles.

Are you a Graduate Student seeking an assistantship or RA/TA role? Information about Graduate Assistantships can be accessed here.

Seeking full-time staff employment? All full-time staff opportunities are posted to the University of Washington Human Resources’ UW Hires site and can be accessed here.