Support Immersive Internships in Spain

“Learning and working side by side with others from different backgrounds, life experiences and world views is one of the most important educational experiences we can offer our students.” (UW President Ana Mari Cauce)

¡Spain Works! is an internship program for University of Washington students. Husky students work 20 hours a week, for 10 weeks, at a business, organization, or agency in Spain – with challenging projects and strong mentorship.  They live with a Spanish host family and take Spanish language classes.  To support this program, click here.


¡Spain Works! prioritizes student access. Donors defray costs of transportation and housing, so that any deserving Husky can participate regardless of financial status.

Work Experience

¡Spain Works! internships help students to mature professionally and personally.   Our Husky interns learn to to stretch beyond their comfort zone.  They develop independence, problem-solving abilities, self-confidence., and an ability to engage in cross-cultural collaboration.

Benefits for Washington State

Internships help businesses and organizations to attract highly educated and motivated students from diverse communities.   According to University World News, “40% of US businesses failed to expand due to a lack of staff with international experience. (November 18, 2017).  According to the American Institute for Foreign Study,  “The reality for businesses or organizations in any sector is that they must hire talent with a global perspective, and who are, by definition, ‘global ready.’”

Potential Internships

We are working with businesses, organizations, and agencies in Spain to create enriching internship experiences. Potential internships include:  Business and STEM firms, cybersecurity, journalism, communication, media, social media, social service agencies (women’s rights, immigration, human rights), community health organizations, tourism management and support, and environmental organizations,.


UW Career & Internship Center
UW León Center, Spain
University of León
Centro de Idiomas (FGULEM)
City of León

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