Same-Day Sessions

SDS graphicThe quickest way to visit with a career coach in the Career and Internship Center is to visit us during Same-Day Sessions.


Same-Day Sessions generally take place as follows & availability subject to change.  

  • 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Tuesday-Friday


Same-Day Sessions are available to current, degree-seeking undergraduate & graduate students at UW-Seattle and recent graduates who have received a degree from the UW in the past two years (24 months).  If you are an Engineering student, check out the Career Center @ Engineering (Loew Hall 014) for walk-in advising.


Since Same-Days are 15 minutes long, they are particularly great for resume & cover letter reviews, however you can talk about whatever career-related concern you have (LinkedIn, interviews, salary negotiations, career exploration, choosing majors, event prep, etc.).


Sign-ups for these 15-minute slots start at 8:00am the day you want to be seen. You can select a specific 15-minute time block. You must sign-up in our office; we do not reserve slots over the phone. We do not start sign-ups prior to the day the Same-Day Session will take place. Tip: We often book up by 1pm so to ensure a slot, sign-up in the morning.


Our scheduled coaching appointments often book 2 or more weeks in advance so Same-Days are the quickest way to get some advice.