Sustainability / Conservation / Energy Positions of 2019-2020 UW Graduates

This table shows the title, employer, and major for a sampling of 2019-2020 UW graduates who reported working in sustainability/conservation/energy.

Job Title Employer Name Major(s)
Air Quality Engineering Consultant DSG Solutions, LLC Bioresource Science & Engineering
Associate Marine Scientist Alpine Ocean Seismic Survey, Inc. Oceanography
Community Organizer political campaign Political Science
Conservation Leadership Intern Kupu Enviro. Science & Terrestrial Resource Management
Customer Service Representative Fremont Analytical International Studies
Lab Technician TestAmerica Laboratories Biology
Native Seed Technician Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition Biology
Natural Resource Steward Washington Service Corps Enviro. Science & Terrestrial Resource Management
Owner/President Seascapes Milfoil Removal Oceanography
Park Ranger USDA Forest Service Environmental Studies
Research Associate Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Enviro. Science & Terrestrial Resource Management
Restoration Crew Member EarthCorps Enviro. Science & Terrestrial Resource Management
Staff Scientist Olympus Technical Services Earth & Space Sciences
Sustainability & Compliance Intern Costco Wholesale Communication
Workplace Health & Safety Specialist Amazon Environmental Health / Biochemistry